The kiwi

The kiwi

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Virtually unknown in France forty years ago, the New Zealand kiwifruit has become one of our most familiar winter fruits. What are its benefits ?

The kiwi: full of qualities

  • Green or yellow (Zespri Gold), the kiwi is light in calories (50 kcal / 100 g) but exceptionally well endowed with vitamin C (twice as much as orange!) Consume it as soon as it is opened: in a few minutes, all this wealth disappears.

For the future mother

  • One kiwi per day is enough to cover your vitamin C needs. It helps you fight against the tiredness and the small aggressions of the winter ... without taking a gram.

For your little one

  • Avoid it the first year (except well cooked in compote)because it contains actinidin, an enzyme that can cause allergic reactions such as urticaria.
  • When introducing it, mix it in juice with another fruit (apple, banana) and serve after sieving through a colander.

Véronique Chabrol