The Planet Cake of Sam Sam

The Planet Cake of Sam Sam

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Want an amazing recipe to impress your gourmands? Here is an original idea where Sam Sam plays the stars with his alien friends. An extra recipe too. Let's go for the steps of the realization in pictures!

A recipe published in the magazine Apple of Api

Sam Sam, but also Little Brown Bear, The Noah family, the Oukilé ... every month, your child will find his favorite heroes.

Sam Sam's Planet Cake (12 pics)

The Planet Cake of Sam Sam

Here is an amazing recipe that should please your gourmands!


For the cake, you have to:
3 big apples
125 g. melted butter
1 glass of powdered sugar
2 glasses of flour
3 eggs
1 packet of dry yeast
For the decoration, it is necessary:
250 g. of marzipan

The apple cake recipe

1. Cut the apples into small pieces. In a bowl, mix the sugar and the eggs.
3. Add butter, flour, yeast, and apple pieces.
4. Pour the whole into a rectangular mold. Bake for about 40 minutes, thermostat 6 (180 °).

The preparation of the planet

Cut a large strip of cake and the 2 ends of this strip.

2nd step

Arrange these pieces on the cake, to create relief, before covering the whole with marzipan. *
* On a lightly floured parchment paper, spread the marzipan. Turn over and apply the marzipan to the cake. Remove the parchment paper.

Step 3

Download Plate 1 of the decor

Step 4

Download Plate 2 of the decor

Glue the boards back to back for a double-sided decor.

Step 5

Cut out the elements.

Plant the characters in the cake with the tab at the bottom.

Step 6

For the flying saucer, tape it on a wooden spike.

Step 7

Cut out the wafers in the shape of stairs and put them on the cake.

Step 8

Use leftover almond paste to make bases for the characters.

Now, let's eat!

Well, it's true, it's a shame to devour ... but your astronauts will still feast!

A recipe from the magazine Apple of Api (Bayard Jeunesse)


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