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Afternoon tea ? Essential !

Afternoon tea ? Essential !

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An important source of energy for your child, this third meal of the day should not be overlooked. The right ingredients to succeed.

A snack to recharge the batteries

  • Why a "four-hour"? Because lunch is far away and dinner not for now! "The duration of the fast between lunch and dinner exceeds seven hours.Taste here comes to fill a legitimate feeling of hunger," said Professor Bernard Guy-Grand, former head of the nutrition department of the Hotel Dieu in Paris.
  • Ideally, this meal should provide 15% of the daily energyfrom 250 to 400 kcal, and consist of four types of food. A dairy product (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese ...), rich in proteins and calcium essential for its growth. A cereal food (bread, rusks, cereals or low-fat biscuits), which provides the necessary energy for the proper functioning of muscles and the brain. A fruit or a fruit juice, a source of fiber and vitamin C. Finally, if your child has not drunk milk or fruit juice, offer him a drink (preferably water) needed for drink.
  • He claims the same cookies as his friends? If the bread-square formula of chocolate is recommended by nutrition experts, it is not necessary to ban sand cookies and other biscuits altogether. Everything is a question of measurement! Does your child eat cakes rich in simple carbohydrates (for example, three small butter)? Combine them with a natural yoghurt. Or chocolate cookies, so fatter? Choose the whole semi-skimmed milk, and a fruit juice with a soda, which brings only sugars and no vitamins.
  • And do not forget that water is the only essential drink for her body! Finally, as for all meals, do not hesitate to present him a varied choice. If you have offered him a seasonal fruit, bread, chocolate and a glass of milk, change the next day by giving him a fresh fruit juice and a small piece of cheese with bread. Or a yogurt to drink and some dried fruits (after 2 years).

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