Name Heather - Meaning and origin

Name Heather - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The female name Heather comes from the English word heath which means heather.


Heather Locklear, American actress ("Melrose Place", "Spin City" and "Dynasty"), Heather Graham, American actress and producer, Heather Tom, American actress ("The Fires of Love", "Love, Glory and Beauty" ").

His character :

Reserved in nature, Heather appears as a distant and cold person. Yet it is a generous being, friendly and very pleasant to live. His entourage is generally attracted by this inaccessible side. We must take the time to know it to appreciate it at its fair value.
In the professional setting, Heather is rigorous, independent and often demonstrates great discipline. She does not like things half done. Its perfectionist side allows it to guarantee exemplary performance and productivity for more than satisfactory results.


There is no derivative with the first name Heather.

His party :

The Heather are celebrated on October 5th.

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