Name Haude - Meaning of origin

Name Haude - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Haude comes from the Germanic meaning "old".


No Haude known to this day, perhaps your little wonder will be?

His character :

Enthusiastic and energetic, Haude finds happiness in action. It is enough for an idea to bloom in her head to make every effort to achieve it. She loves lively discussions and will enjoy discussing with her parents very early. Warm with her intimates, Haude can be reserved, even distant face unknown. To give full trust requires time, because it deserves.


Haud and Hauda are all variants of Haude.

His party :

November 18 is dedicated to the Haude in honor of St. Aude, companion of St. Genevieve in the sixth century.

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