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Public primary school, good student of nutritional quality!

Public primary school, good student of nutritional quality!

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That's enough to reassure parents! Nutritional quality has improved in canteens in public elementary schools. An improvement which would be due to the respect of the regulatory obligation of nutritional quality. This is revealed by a survey conducted by the association UFC-Que Choisir.

School canteens: nutritional quality in progress

  • Today, the canteen is a must for many French schoolchildren. In fact, 50% of the students attend them to take 1 of the 2 big meals of the day. To combat the problems of obesity that affects 18% of children today, it is therefore very important that it be served a balanced diet and quality ...
  • After being widely criticized for years, the nutritional quality of school canteens in public primary schools has improved in recent years. The results of the survey conducted by UFC-Que Choisir * are encouraging. The association linked this improvement to the 2011 decree making it mandatory to respect the nutritional balance in canteens.
  • To carry out its analysis, the association screened the menus of 439 elementary schools for 20 days in a row with criteria focused not on the culinary quality but on the frequency with which were served the main products constituting a balanced diet: meat chopped red, fish, fruits, raw vegetables, starchy foods. The UFC-Que Choisir has also tracked the presence of fat products.
  • With good compliance across all criteria, the public school restaurants in elementary schools earn an average of 15.2 / 20 over the entire territory. Results to be modulated nevertheless according to the communes: if Saint-Denis (93) obtained an average of 20/20, it is a 8.8 / 20 that was awarded Calais (62).
  • The association nevertheless stressed that progress remains to be made especially concerning the proposals of menus with multiple choice, self-service. For example, to avoid "competing" red meat unmixed with nuggets or an apple with a pastry ...

No honor roll for the private!

  • Private elementary schools obtain a national average of 11.3 / 20 or 4 points less than the public. Of the 55 schools surveyed, 16 scored below 10/20.
  • The association found in these establishments a low compliance on half of the criteria.

Frédérique Odasso

* March 2013.

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