Guilhaume Meaning - Birth

Guilhaume Meaning - Birth

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Origin of first name:

French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

According to its Germanic origins, the name Guilhaume refers to the will (will) and protection (helm). It is a derivative of William.


Very few celebrities are named Guilhaume. His variant Guillaume is however carried by Guillaume Gallienne, actor, director and screenwriter French as well as the actor Guillaume Canet.

His character :

Guilhaume is intuitive, dynamic, responsive and warm. Combative, confident and independent, Guilhaume is obstinate and shows an iron will that pushes him to complete his activities. Although self-sufficient, he needs tenderness and love that he will be able to return well.


Guillaume, Guihaume, Guillaumette, Guillerme, Guilhem, Guillemette, Guillermo, Gwilherm, Guillemin, Guillot and Wilhem.

His party :

January 10

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