Gerry - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Germanic, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

Gerry was the diminutive of Gerome (Jerome) before becoming a full name. It is derived from Greek roots hieros and onoma resulting in "sacred name". In its Germanic origin, this name is inspired by ger and Waldan meaning respectively "lance" and "commander".


Irish politician Gerry Adams, Quebec musical artist Gerry Boulet, British singer Gerry Rafferty and British producer Gerry Anderson.

St. Jerome lived in the fourth century. He studied in Rome before living as a hermit for 4 years in the desert of Syria. He studied the Bible in Constantinople, then returned to Rome to serve Pope Damasus. Founder of many monasteries, St. Jerome translated the Bible into Latin. He died in 419.

His character :

Gerry displays a reserved personality and hides a great sensitivity behind his distant air. Faithful and loyal, Gerry always acts with moderation and reflection. A born diplomat, he resolves conflicts with great tact, helped by his strong sense of justice. Enemy of the half-measure, he undertakes his projects to the end, seeking all the means to circumvent the obstacles. Challenger, he will stop at nothing and failures do not scare him. Generous and voluntary, Gerry has a great need for socialization since childhood.


Gerd, Gerome, Jerome, Gert, Jerry and Géry.

His party :

Gerry is honored on September 30th.

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