Ernst Meaning and Meaning

Origin of first name:

Short, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Ernst is a masculine given name of Germanic origin.

Ernst means "who deserves" in German.


Ernst Barlach, German sculptor, painter, draftsman and writer (1870-1938).

Ernst Boris Chain, English biochemist, Nobel Prize in Medicine 1945 with Fleming and Florey (1906-1979).

Ernst Hoffmann, German writer and composer (1776-1822).

Ernst Lubitsch, American filmmaker of German origin.

Ernst Werner Von Siemens, German engineer and industrialist.

Ernst Wiechert, German writer (1887-1950).

His character :

Ernst is rather calm and disciplined. To reassure himself, he needs security. Valiant, this little prince sports a hard shell, while he is sensitive and emotional in reality. To stimulate its sociability, it is advisable to adopt an attitude combining harmoniously security and stimulation. Endowed with a great sense of justice, Ernst flees everything that looks like a combination and hardly accepts compromises. Ernst has a real sense of friendship. He may even go so far as to sacrifice himself for his friends. The most positive features of Ernst's character are will, activity, reactivity, and sensoriality. His good qualities give him confidence and make him quite fighting to succeed in his life.



His party :

Ernst is celebrated every 7th of November.

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