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Elly Meaning - Origin and Images

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Very common in the English-speaking world, the term "Elly" comes from the Occitan word meaning "light" or "scintillating". This name is also translated as "ray of sunshine".
In other countries, "Elly" is most often considered as a diminutive of feminine first names sounding close to "Eleanor".


American actresses Elly Stone and Elly Castle.
Dutch soprano Elly Ameling.
Elly Beinhorn (1907-2007), famous German aviator among the pioneers in the field. Carried by a successful career, she fought her life for the recognition of women in the world of aviation.

His character :

Communicative and sociable, Elly usually poses as a charming woman and particularly concerned about her image. This concern for the other's gaze greatly influences his behavior and his sartorial choices. Without help or radical questioning, this highly suggestible woman risks being guided by public opinion, even in her life choices and personal convictions. This character of Elly allows him to have some success in society, for better and for worse. In public, she is elegant, original, distinguished and shows a sense of aesthetics with an impressive finesse.

Because of her desire to please, she is always kind, helpful and privileges harmony within the group. With a great sense of responsibility, Elly also has a remarkable conciliatory spirit. However, his tendency to depend on the other's eyes exposes him to a significant risk, especially in terms of his emotional balance. Moreover, this emotional woman has a poor opinion of herself. The slightest bad reflection can hurt her deeply and cause her to fall back on herself. As a result, Little Elly's parents will have to inculcate her autonomy and help her take a step back from life, life and everything else. It will also need love and especially to be protected from the aggressiveness of the world during its period of structuring.


Elli, Elle and Eily.

His party :

The party dedicated to Elly is scheduled for February 1st.

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