Name Dusty - Meaning of the Name

Name Dusty - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian

Meaning of the name:

According to its original meaning, the name Dusty means "stone of Thor" and refers to the surname Dustin.


Dusty Rhodes is a former American wrestler from Austin, Texas. Remained in wrestling after retirement, he works as a writer / producer in the NXT division.
Dusty Hill is the famous bassist and singer of the American group ZZ Top. He developed his passion for music following in the footsteps of Elvis Presley.
Dusty Hernandez Harrison is an American professional boxer born on May 21, 1994. He was crowned champion of the WBC Youth World Welterweight.

His character :

Dusty is appreciated by his entourage for his adaptability. His sociability is undoubtedly his main strength. With this ability to easily bond with others, Dusty can count on their presence when needed. Outgoing in nature, Dusty needs to be surrounded to be able to fully flourish. Its open, communicative and understanding nature needs to express itself to allow its personal development. Dusty has a huge desire to be recognized for its true value. Unfortunately, his desire will not always be satisfied given the many obstacles that may stand in his way. Nevertheless, this young man will always be able to rely on his great vitality and his keen sense of organization to move forward with serenity in life. He will still be wary of his impatient character that may play him many bad tricks at one time or another. If he wants to achieve his goals and carry out his projects, Dusty will have to be discerning. Professionally, he will opt for professions related to the public: commercial, animator, journalist, lawyer, teacher, doctor, etc.


Dustin, Desty, Tully and Giusty

His party :

The Dusty are celebrated on June 21st.

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