Name Dunkan - Meaning of thumbs

Name Dunkan - Meaning of thumbs

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Meaning of the name:

The name Dunkan is a variant of the ancient Gaelic name "Donnchad". The latter is composed of the terms "donn" and "chadn" which translate respectively into "brown" and "warrior". So Dunkan means "dark warrior".


The two kings of Scotland Duncan I and Duncan II, the Co-King of the Inner Hebrides Duncan MacDougall, the Duncan Edwards and Duncan Walker footballers, the car racer Duncan Hamilton, the rugby player Duncan Weir or the painter Duncan Grant.

Saint Dunstan of Canterbury was one of the principal reformers of England. Reached by what he believed to be leprosy, he healed "miraculously" and decided to enter the orders. Renowned for his faith and integrity, King Edmond made him his treasurer. The abbey of Glastonbury, which he was in charge of, soon became a center of intellectual influence. During his life, he restored and created several monasteries.

His character :

Dunkan loves security and stability. He is a natural and simple person. Friendly and communicative, he needs others to flourish. The difficulties of life are only an opportunity for him to show his qualities and talents.


Dunstan, Dunchan, Dunnchad and Dunc.

His party :

The Dunkan are celebrated on May 19th.

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