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Modern art, your toddler loves

Modern art, your toddler loves

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What if you went to discover modern art with your child? For example, Beaubourg in Paris, Pompidou in Metz or the very family-run Museum of Modern Art in Troyes. Enjoy. Your toddler is always ready for an outing with you!

Why not today ?

  • The idea is not to postpone your exitto the Greek calends saying that it is too good or too bad ... Do you say that in the first case, you will have less people, and that if it is all gray, bingo, what a good idea of ​​exit!

Go see modern art!

  • Because he is everywhere : on a poster, a pub, in the street and, of course, in many national museums of Paris or Province, free for children.

Little memento to have a good time together

  • Go there, it's already a good step: books are good But a pictorial work, like the architecture, is contemplated in real, in all its dimensions and through a course.
  • Do not feel obliged to see everything: you can look at three or four paintings together and then go back again, if your child has enough.
  • Let yourself be carried without prejudice. Trust your toddler who feels more than he analyzes. The art of the twentieth century does not necessarily seek to make "beautiful" but to create emotions. If the artist has spent centuries, there is a reason, no?
  • Do not panic thinking that you do not know anything about it. Start a conversation together. What do you see ? What story can you tell?
  • Look at your little one, he expresses himself with his body. He mimes or takes a break from the character of the work. His imagination has a great capacity to project himself into his action: run, leap, wade ....
  • Your child is focusing on a detail? The flower on the dress, the inverted vase ... Unroll this thread, it's a great start for your conversation.

How to talk about 20th century art to children?

  • Gustav Klimt's Kiss or Frantisek Kupka's Piano ... 30 works decrypted in a very simple language that puts forward what you can say to a child of 5-7 years old or older. The opportunity for us also to learn to observe better, to ask ourselves the right questions, and let us move without panic in front of a work that we will not understand! How to talk about 20th century art to children, Ed. The Perched Baron, 16 €.
  • Where to find it?

Agnes Barboux

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