Name Daegan - Meaning and origin

Name Daegan - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Scandinavian language, the name Daegan means "bright day".


The dubber of movies, series and cartoons, Daegan Manns. The actor Daegan Palermo.

His character :

Daegan is a nice, nice and dynamic boy. Bursting with life, he is always up and down. He is extremely hyperconsistent and constantly needs to move or do some activity to feel good. Her enthusiasm and joie de vivre are very contagious, and those around her feel happy and calm in her presence. Energetic and determined, Daegan has the courage to spare. Nothing scares him, and he is always ready to face the most complicated or risky situations as needed. When life is hard on him, he does not give up and makes every effort to find the appropriate solutions. With a great deal of curiosity, Daegan enjoys being aware of every conceivable topic. It also happens to learn about certain areas for pleasure or interest. If he gets interesting personal information, he can leave it out or use it to manipulate someone if it is in his interest. Daegan is a boy who cherishes his independence above all else. This free being lives as he wishes without worrying about the opinion of others. Traditional ways do not interest him. He prefers to follow his own path. A worker with many qualities, Daegan puts the realization of his projects at the top of his objectives. Putting his energy to use, he stops working only when he is sure that his goal has been achieved.


There is no derivative name Daegan.

His party :

There is no party for people with the first name Daegan.

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