Name Cyprien - Meaning and origin

Name Cyprien - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From the Greek kupris, "originating from the island of Cyprus".
In antiquity, Cyprus was the birthplace of Venus, the goddess of Love.


The 16th century Flemish composer Cyprien de Rore, the French pianist Cyprien Katzaris ...

Saint Cyprian, bishop of Carthage in Tunisia, is one of the fathers of the Church. Born of a wealthy pagan family in the third century, he was a missionary and a theologian sentenced to death in 258.

His character :

Cyprien is a person who has a lot of dynamism and vitality. Courageous, he knows how to cope with adversity. His natural diplomacy also makes him the ideal person to mediate conflicts. Especially sociable and extrovert, naturally focused on communication, Cyprien also demonstrates a great aversion to routine and sloppiness.


Cypris, Cyprille, Cyprian.

His party :

The Cyprien are celebrated on September 14th.

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