Name Brendon - Meaning of origin

Name Brendon - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Celts, Originals

Meaning of the name:

Brendon is a Celtic given name bran which means "raven".


Brendon Boyd Urie, singer of the American group Panic, Brendon Burchard, American author, Brendon Hartley, New Zealand racing driver and endurance world champion in 2015, Brendon Nicholas, American actor.

Brendon's patron saint is Brendan, a very popular Irish saint. He began as a monk, then became founder of many abbeys in Wales, abbot and bishop. His journey through Iceland, the Caribbean and the Azores with 17 other monks earned him the name of a great traveler. He died in 580.

His character :

Brendon is thirsty for knowledge and discovery from his earliest childhood. He is satisfied only by finding a concrete meaning to everything that fascinates him. He is also a very sociable being who feels an increased need for understanding and love. Volunteer, emotional and responsible, his loyalty and devotion to those he loves show how much friendship matters to him. S



His party :

May 16th.

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