Name Audran - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Variant of Audren, the name Audran comes from the Celtic terms "halt" and "roen" respectively meaning "high" and "royal".


Audran Labrousse, research director of the National Center for Scientific Research, is the director of the "French archaeological mission of Saqqarah".
Audran Debacker is the leader of the Mouen Football Club.
Saint Audren would have been a son of Solomon I, a king of Brittany of the 5th century. He is the founder of the town of Chatelaudren, in Côtes-d'Armor.

His character :

Logical and rational, Audran is a man of action. Very determined, he has a well-marked personality. It is not easy to do and does everything possible to achieve its goals. Courageous and obstinate, he always goes to the end of what he undertakes. Of an optimistic and positive nature, Audran never gives up on chess.
Of a rather difficult contact, Audran is especially shy. He does not give himself up easily. At the same time, his great strength of character makes it difficult to convince him. Sure of him and confident of his abilities, he does not stop establishing projects. Framed and reasoned, this man never lets his emotions interfere in his professional life. He also has a lot of self-control. With a philanthropic side, Audran likes to help the oppressed. Full of energy and tireless, he energizes his entourage by sharing his good mood.


Audren, Audrain, Adrian, Adrien, Audrin, Adriano and Adorni.

His party :

People named Audran have the honor on February 7th.

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