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Rabbit, ferret, rat ... beware of allergies!

Rabbit, ferret, rat ... beware of allergies!

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The NAC (new pets) invade our homes: hamster, rabbit, ferret and more recently the rat, stared despite himself thanks to the movie "Ratatouille". Beware, however, these adorable critters can trigger allergies in children.

The situation

  • Dogs, cats, birds ... more than 10 million pets share our daily lives. To this must be added the NAC: hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, snakes, insects and other exotic animals. The rat has also been a great success since the release of the animated film "Ratatouille" where he plays the role of apprentice cook.
  • All these "new" pets, as cute as they are, can trigger allergies in their small owners.

How to avoid allergy?

  • "If your child has atopic terrain - that is to say an ability to present allergic manifestations - it can very quickly become aware of the allergens contained by the skin of NAC and trigger rhinitis, conjunctivitis or, more seriously, violent asthma, "says Dr. Fabienne Rancé, allergist pediatrician at Toulouse University Hospital.
  • And to recall some preventive measures: Before keeping a pet (school rabbit, for example), make sure your child is not allergic. A fortiori if you must acquire a companion on all fours, contact an allergist to perform a preventive assessment. When are hypoallergenic NACs?

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