Name Atika - Meaning of the origin

Name Atika - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In Arabic, Atika translates as noble, generous, illustrious or renowned. She then embodies the woman of honor par excellence.


Atika Shubert, a major reporter on the Indonesian small screen.
French actress, screenwriter and director Aure Atika.

His character :

Throughout her life, Atika embodies curiosity, independence and freedom. Detesting any form of constraint, she is most often rebellious and undisciplined. This woman of character tends to take risks without worrying about the possible repercussions on her or on others. She is an inveterate individualist, proud and frankly frank. Particularly attracted by adventure and the unknown, she is also attracted to human relationships. His social life is also facilitated by a great adaptability contrasting slightly with his aversion to the concession.
Endowed with an unbeatable determination and inexhaustible energy resources, Atika is able to deploy a lot of effort to realize a project.



His party :

The Atika do not have a dedicated day.

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