Name Anastasio - Meaning of thumbs

Name Anastasio - Meaning of thumbs

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Meaning of the name:

Anastasio comes from the Greek "Anastasis" which means resurrection.


Anastasio Somoza was the president of Nicaragua between 1967 and 1972 and between 1974 and 1979. He exercised dictatorial power and was assassinated on 17 September 1980 in Paraguay.

His character :

Anastasio is a masculine given name that defines a voluntary man seeking to please and be in the graces of others. He has a great sense of responsibility. Ambitious and authoritarian, he shows a keen desire to distinguish himself from others through his actions. Anastasio is never influenced by his environment, remaining master of his morality. He always strives to get first place. He can overcome many obstacles to achieve his ends. Nevertheless, Anastasio is very sensitive to chess and each defeat will be very difficult to live for him. Demanding and perfectionist, Anastasio can flourish in art and creation. He is confident, firm and wise. His strong character is the secret of his triumphs.

Anastasio develops a selfless love for others. Generous, he is ready to do anything for his loved ones to find happiness, without expecting anything in return. Friendly and altruistic, he likes to please. Anastasio loves compliments and enjoys inspiring admiration around him. His strong character requires a certain flexibility on the part of those around him. However, this man needs love. His strategy of discreet seduction is very effective. Anastasio shows a keen interest in very broad areas such as catering, medicine, paramedical, hospitality ...


Anastasia, Anastasia, Anastacia, Anastasia, Anastasia, Anastasia

His party :

The Anastasio are honored on January 22nd.

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