Name Aliette - Meaning of the origin

Name Aliette - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:

Greeks, Hebrews, Latins

Meaning of the name:

"Aliette" is a feminine variant of "Elie". It is a name composed of two Hebrew roots, namely "el" and "ish". It is given the meaning: "God is my salvation".
The name "Aliette" can also be considered as derived from "Emile". Inspired by the Latin "aemulus", he means "emulates".
In Greek culture, the root of this name is the word "haimulos", translated as "obliging".


French actress Aliette Opheim, French science fiction author Aliette de Bodard, French art historian and archaeologist Aliette de Maillé, French poet Aliette Audra, French novelist-essayist and literary critic Aliette Armel French politician Aliette Crépin ...

A major prophet in Old Testament stories, Elijah fought against the pagan worship of Baal. His teaching is based on the veneration of one God.

His character :

Aliette stands out for her zen attitude. Of weighted character, his company is nice. Good living, she enjoys her life. Jealous of her freedom, she claims her independence. Besides, Aliette is a woman with a big heart. Generous and helpful, she is just wonderful.
In the professional world, Aliette has a sense of organization. Methodical and applied, his work is impeccable. A follower of perfection, no detail escapes him. His side a little too serious can be perceived as a defect.


Alyette, Alliette.

His party :

People named "Aliette" are honored on July 20.

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