Name Alexanne - Meaning of Children

Origin of first name:

Greeks, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

The first name Alexanne is derived from the Greek term alexeinwhich means "repel" or "protect".


No Alexanne celebrates so far, perhaps your marvel will be?

Alexane's patron saint was Alexis de Falconieri, and his six companions were devoted servants of God in the 13th century. At the request of the Virgin and in application of the rule of Saint Augustine, they founded the order of the "Servites of Mary". All the members became a priest, except Alexis who refused as a sign of humility. He died in 1310.

July 17, celebrating another Saint Alexis, is also dedicated to Alexanne.

His character :

Alexanne has a strong character ... Full of confidence, she does not wait for anyone to move forward in life. His courage and ambition contribute greatly to his success. Independent, she undertakes at her own pace and without asking the opinion of others. Under her swinging shell, Alexanne hides a sensitive and emotional woman. She needs affection, love and respect. Generous by nature, Alexanne gives without counting and can even sacrifice herself without expecting anything in return.

Alexanne will be a studious and intelligent little girl. Her increased curiosity will drive her to constantly want to know the why of things.


The main derivative of the name Alexanne is Alexane.

His party :

Alexanne is celebrated on February 17, in honor of St Alexis de Falconieri. July 17th celebrates another Saint Alexis.

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