Name Alcée - Meaning and origin

Name Alcée - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Alcede is a derivative of Alcide. It comes from the Greek word "alke" which means "force".


Aleutius of Mytilene was a Greek poet of antiquity.
Alcede is a mythological character, son of Perseus and Andromeda and grandfather of Heracles.
Alcide Railliet is a scientist of French origin.
Alcide De Gasperi was a politician and one of the fathers of Europe.
Alcide Courcy is a politician from Quebec.

His character :

Alcée is a passionate and emotional boy often subject to anger. He is nonetheless thoughtful and perfectly controlled, sometimes feigning anger with those around him. This angry attitude is only a facade that hides his sensitivity. Although he is hypersensitive and very emotional, Alcée is able to control himself and hide his weaknesses. Intuitive and quick-witted, he knows how to spot the source of the problems that are posed to him and how to solve or avoid them. His hypersensitivity makes him quite suggestible, even if he has a great deal of confidence in him and his abilities. He can be irritable, susceptible and even aggressive. However, this is only a way to impress his entourage, because it is a great actor and a great manipulator who does not hesitate to use others. When a task is entrusted to him, Alcée can be voluntary and scrupulous. However, by wanting to do too much, he can be stubborn and aggressive. Volunteer, he can succeed in all areas. Detesting idleness, Alceda constantly needs to work to feel good.


Alce, Alcibiades, Alcide, Alcides, Alcime, Alcine and Alcino.

His party :

The Alcéés are celebrated on June 2nd.

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