Name Albertine - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

Ancient, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Derived from Albert, the name Albertine is of Germanic origin. It is composed of "adal" which means noble, and "berht" which means famous or brilliant. Very popular in the twentieth century, this name has gradually been forgotten ... Will it come back with the vogue of retro names?


The French writer Albertine Sarrazin (1937-1967), the first woman to write about her life as a prostitute and her experience in prison for women (L'Astragale).
Marcel Proust, in his famous work entitled "In Search of Lost Time", chose this name for one of his key characters, Albertine Simonet.
The Albertine or the Royal is also the nickname given to the Royal Library of Belgium ... and the name of a famous bag of the brand Lancel.

His character :

People who wear the name Albertine generally convey good humor. Sweet and charming, they are imaginative, intuitive and dreamy. Ambitious, they know how to be discreet and efficient in their work.


Alberta, Alberte, Albert, Aubert, Bela

His party :

The Albertines are celebrated on November 15 for Saint Albert the Great who chooses poverty after being bishop of Rastisbonne. Doctor of the Church, he died in Cologne in 1280.

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