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The Freinet method, instructions for use

The Freinet method, instructions for use

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A different pedagogy within the public school and free, it is possible! In a Freinet class, self-expression and mutual help among children are encouraged and noted do not exist. Your child's school may have one of these classes.

1. The Inspirer: Célestin Freinet (1896-1966)

  • This teacher returns from the First World War with an idea in mind to reform the school, certain that it is by training pacifist individuals that we will again avoid such barbarism. His pedagogy preaches free expression (text, drawing ...) and experimental experimentation. It advocates the free discovery of the great laws of language, grammar, mathematics and science. For this, we must encourage the child to experiment, observe, compare and imagine theories before verifying them. Every effort is made to make the connection between what they are learning and "real life".

2. The principle: mutual help, dialogue ... and no notes!

  • Freinet classes offer children a pedagogy that adapts to their specificities. Focusing on collective work, mutual aid and dialogue, the day includes work sessions in small groups. Some teachers determine with the student a work plan to be done during the week or fortnight, as he wishes.
  • The notes ? There are not any ! The student evaluates himself and receives an appreciation from the teacher. If Icem, Cooperative Institute of the modern school, trains its pedagogy for those who wish it, it does not control its application. However, Freinet teachers do not work without safeguards: they receive the visit of inspectors of Education.

3. Identity card

  • Number of classes in France There are about ten official Freinet schools, and about 3000 Freinet classes, but thousands of teachers are partly inspired by this method.
  • Cost of schooling: free.
  • Levels: kindergarten and primary, some experiences in secondary school.
  • Specials : the emphasis is on cooperation, oral and written expression, the use of Freinet documentation written by teachers and children.
  • Info: Icem-Pédagogie Freinet, 18, rue Sarrazin, 44000 Nantes. Such. : 02 40 89 47 50

Noémi Constans and Stéphanie Letellier

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