Abélie pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Abélie pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Etymologically, Abelie, comes from the Assyrian word "hevel", which symbolizes evanescence and delicacy. This is the feminine form of Abel: the one that passes like a breath of wind.


Abélie refers to the name of a Chinese shrub so named in honor of Abel Clarke, naturalist, traveler and British surgeon.

Abélie is generally likened to Abelle, name of the painter Sauvat, famous for his "nature" style.
Abelie's charm has also inspired the designers of the brand Chloé because it is the name of a pair of luxury sunglasses ...

His patron saint Abel de Lobbes, bishop of Rheims around the eighth century and recognized as saint by the Orthodox and Catholic churches.

His character :

Abelie has a malicious, amusing and talkative personality. Very communicative, she has an innate sense of business and commerce. Simple and common sense, she knows how to entertain her audience while being fundamentally hardworking. Calm, charm and wisdom are also part of his character.


Abel, Abelia, Abella, Abelard, Abelle, Abelia, Avela, Avelaine, Abelaine.

His party :

Abelie is celebrating August 5th.

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