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The Legend of Despeyreaux

The Legend of Despeyreaux

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The Legend of Despereaux, the story of a little mouse with courage as big as his ears, is in the rooms. And we, we love ...

Where does the story of the Legend of Despereaux come from?

  • Once upon a time… a children's story that had immediate success. The Tale of Despereaux, by American Kate Di Camillo, has become a classic since its release in 2003.

What is the scenario?

  • This is the story of a happy kingdom with king, queen and princess, of course. In the kingdom of Dor, there is an exceptional party: the annual Soup Festival! One day, Roscuro, gourmet rat (but who has nothing to do with Ratatouille!), Decides to participate a little too close to the party ... Without wanting it creates an incredible ruckus. Here he is, responsible for the death of the queen. Finish the party, ban the rat, exit life ... The kingdom sinks into despair ...

What your toddler will learn: nuance!

  • No, not everything is always black or white, people necessarily nice or bad! This is the strength of this film.
  • Well paced and nice, this film shimmering and rich graphics offers a nice lesson in psychology to your child. Yes, when you hurt a nice guy, he can become mean, well not too long, thankfully!

From 4 years old, by Rob Stevenhagen and Sam Fell, with the voice of André Dussolier. Universal Pictures, 1 h 30.

Agnes Barboux