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Pot: 5 tips for success

Pot: 5 tips for success

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That he leaves the diapers to go on the pot, it is your dearest wish, but it will not be done alone. Want to teach your child cleanliness? 5 tips to help him.

Tip # 1

  • Do not forget that not all children are equal in front of the cleanliness: there are those who are in a hurry to get there and those who take their time. There are girls and boys, the latter usually being "turtles of cleanliness". However, no need to stress them or compare them to the boyfriend or cousin who, he ... Your child will not become cleaner anyway!

Tip # 2

  • Make him aware of the potty, cleanliness ... by reading stories on the subject. There are lots of books that allow you to approach it with humor. No cramming, just a first conditioning so that he knows what you're talking about.

Tip # 3

  • Be logical and treat it big: no more changing table or diapers in the day. And if an "accident" occurs, immediately remove his wet clothes, just to show him the comfort of a dry panties. To punish him is useless, worse, it may rob him.

Tip # 4

  • Leave the pot in the same place, ideally in the bathroom or toilet, and suggest your child to go there regularly during the day. Choose a model with your child, but remember that the important thing is that it is comfortable and stable.

Tip # 5

  • Keep in mind that the night cleanliness takes more time to trigger ... and sometimes occurs at 6 years!

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