Breakfast, take your time!

Bread, cereals, milk of growth ... what is his breakfast at 2 years old? A croissant from time to time, it is possible? Are cereals too fat? To know everything about the breakfast of your holidays, test your knowledge.

Question (1/3)

1. The toast, the jam, it smells good and everyone loves. Except that your little one at 2 years old. You prepare :

at. His porridge of oats! b. Exactly the same! Like that it's easier. c. Almost the same, except that you give him growth milk. And why not offer him a bowl ... like the grown-ups?


Your little one will be happy to start the day with the whole family. With the exception of his growth milk, he can eat like everyone else. Except that a sandwich of 2 cm thick will probably suffice while your big 6 years will devour three!