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We visit a farm

We visit a farm

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Hello calves, cows, pigs ... Is not spring a wonderful time to visit a farm with your little one? Great, the Bienvenue à la ferme network offers more than 250 activities throughout France.

What is Welcome to the farm?

  • It is a network of more than 6000 farmers who are passionate about sharing their passion, their profession, their heritage. To celebrate the spring, they propose from April to June nearly 250 demonstrations, most free, in all the Hexagon! What delight our toddler who loves to approach the animals and smell the smells of the countryside.
  • Other events proposed, that will appeal to toddlers: picking fruits, vegetables and flowers. To refresh and refuel local tasty products.
  • The network also proposes stays, the discovery of the trades of agriculture ...

Where to inquire

  • Go to the website, then click on the department of your choice, and you will have the list of the farms and the date of their event ... You will also find a mine of information on

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