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Nacelle: how to choose?

Nacelle: how to choose?

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It is in a basket, particularly suitable for newborns, that your toddler will lie comfortably and safely for his back. Safety, comfort, practicality: our advice to make the right choice.


  • The pram basket is reserved for strollers or extra beds. Only specific models or equipped with a car kit can serve as a car nacelle, group 0.

Choice criteria

  • Opt for a model compatible with the frame of your stroller and easy to install. Test it in the shop to check this point.


  • The nacelle is often used as extra cushion on the move: a foldable handle will facilitate transport.
  • Important also: a good aeration system of the basket allows your baby to breathe easily.

Practical options

  • A foldable model makes it easy to store in the trunk of the car or at home. Other interesting options: swing function and a reclining backrest.

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