Homemade manicure: like a pro

Homemade manicure: like a pro

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No pretty hands without nails treated! Tips to strengthen them, good gestures to pamper them, polish to sublimate them ... To you, the manicure of pro home!

  • Nice hands, they are also healthy and shiny nails. That's not your situation ? They are soft, brittle or striated? Do not panic, just a few simple actions and a healthy lifestyle to fix it.

Good nutrition for beautiful nails

  • Your nails, like your hair, are mainly made of keratin. To be beautiful, start with a good diet. Indeed, damaged nails often rhyme with lack of vitamin B that you can only bring by the diet. You will find cereals, yeast, wheat, almonds, nuts, fish, shellfish. Your nails also need calcium (dairy products) and mineral salts (iron, magnesium, zinc). You can still make them stronger by massaging their base with a nourishing cuticle oil or with a hardening care rich in calcium, royal jelly or vitamins A and C.

Good gestures

  • File your nails instead of cutting them. This last gesture traumatizes them and promotes their duplication. Prefer a cardboard file and avoid metal ones. Their abrasive grains are too big and therefore aggressive. On the other hand, no problem with glass files that have only one drawback, that of breaking if they get out of your hands. Use solvents preferably without acetone to not dry your nails. To check on the label! Massage your nails with a polisher and an oil, this prevents them from flaking off. Also think of dipping them in lemon juice, they will be whiter and more resistant.

Good preparation

  • Give shape to your nails by always filing in the same direction: the sides towards the center and not in a movement of back and forth to avoid the duplication. Forgot the American square! Slightly rounded around the edges, the nail is now more natural. It extends a few millimeters to just exceed the finger but never look like a claw. The almond design, a little retro, has the wind in its sails. Leave the care of cutting the cuticles - the small skins around the nail - to a professional. At home, apply a cuticle care on the edge of the nail, then push them gently by making circular movements with a boxwood stick. With a polisher, remove asperities. You will get a very uniform surface. Your polish will hold better and your nails will be whiter.

Good nail polish

  • To prevent yellowing of the nail due to the intense pigments of certain varnishes, it is essential to protect them with a colorless base. Then lay a coat of varnish in the center from the top of the nail without raising the brush and smoothly. Do the same on one side, then on the other. For a better hold, apply a second coat. Be patient and let it dry for at least 15 minutes. You can reduce this waiting time with a specific care called "drying" or an express drying varnish. Since it takes at least six hours for it to be dry, put it in the morning preferably. The top-coat protects and prolongs the outfit. It's the last essential touch for a flawless and ultra-shiny finish. In case of skidding, a dissolving marker accurately corrects the outline of the nail.

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