Back pain: your well-being gym

Back pain: your well-being gym

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The weight of your belly moves your center of gravity and you tend to arch to keep your balance. This permanent tension distorts your back. Here are 4 gym moves to clear pain and fatigue and regain your energy.

Back pain: your well-being gym (4 photos)

Basin rocker

Sit on a stool, with your back straight, your hands on your hips to feel the movement of the pelvis, your feet slightly apart, tilt your lower pelvis forwards on an exhalation. The upper back should stay straight. Then roll the pelvis backwards as if you wanted to arch your kidneys. Renew this rocking movement of the pelvis 5 times without reaching the painful limit.

Relaxing round back

With your back straight, your knees flexible, your feet slightly apart and your hands on your hips, roll the pelvis forwards to slightly round your lower back, keeping your feet steady on the ground and slightly turning your thighs and legs. knees outward. Return to the initial position. Repeat this movement several times, then try it with your knees extended.

Anti-stress stretches

Lying on your back, knees raised on the chest and legs slightly apart to not interfere with your belly, lift your left leg vertically while exhaling. While riding your leg, remember to keep your left foot flexed and then stretch your leg to the maximum as if you wanted to push the ceiling with your foot. Relax with inspiration, change your leg. To do 3 times.

Breath break

Always lie on your back, knees hooked, hands on the floor or on your stomach, breathe calmly on a regular basis by becoming aware of the natural arch of your lumbar. In this same position, inhale by inflating the lower abdomen and exhale by pressing your lumbar on the ground. Release. Repeat 15 times.