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Diseases of winter: 6 gestures to boost immunity!

Diseases of winter: 6 gestures to boost immunity!

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Cold, otitis, angina ... difficult for your toddler to escape the diseases of the winter because his immune system is beginner. Here are 6 ways to limit your exposure to microbes and boost your immunity.

1. Avoid transmitting microbes

  • You have a cold, do you cough? Avoid covering your child with kisses on his face or talking to him with eyes in his eyes, nose to nose. If you take it in your arms, try turning your head slightly to the side. As much as possible, maintain a certain distance between him and you: two meters is ideal to avoid any contamination.
  • Many germs have the dirty habit of traveling by air, especially in the respiratory droplets emitted during bouts of coughing. But if it's only a cold, it might not be so bad, are you going to object ... Error: a virus that causes you to have a simple rhino can cause bronchiolitis in your baby . It would be a shame to run this risk!

2. Wash your hands several times a day

  • Microbes do not just wander in the air. They have another preferred means of transport: the hands. To collect all kinds of unwanted guests, you just have to cough by hiding your mouth with your hand, blow your nose with a tissue, shake the hand of someone who has just done these two high gestures. risks or who leaves the toilet having forgotten to wash his hands.
  • Then, the chain is just beginning: you will touch the hands of your child who himself has a thousand occasions to wear them to his mouth and contaminate in turn.
  • Stop! To avoid this vicious circle, simply think of washing your hands. A basic gesture but so important.

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