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Oleocalcium liniment: instructions for use

Oleocalcium liniment: instructions for use

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Oleocalcary liniment is slowly becoming a natural alternative to baby wipes. Both sweet and economical, this creamy formula cleans and moisturizes the buttocks of toddlers.

Oleocalcary liniment: what is it?

  • For all parents looking for a baby cleansing lotion, the oleocalcary liniment is worth discovering. Indeed, this mixture of lime water and olive oil offers many advantages for the baby's bottom. With undeniable moisturizing properties, this hypoallergenic product, which smells of the Mediterranean, is particularly suitable for the fragile skin of newborns. It is particularly indicated for babies who suffer from eczema or other dermatological problems.

Where and how to use it?

  • For the change of baby, the oleocalcaire liniment cleverly replaces the cleaning wipe or water and soap. Deposited on cotton, the preparation deep cleans the stained seat of the child, while leaving a dermo-protective film that reduces the risk of diaper rash. Indeed, the oleocalcaire liniment does not require rinsing.
  • In addition, it can also be used as a massage cream or solution to be applied to the crusts of milk. But the liniment is not exclusively for children. On the contrary, it is very effective in healing cracks and relieving the pain of breastfeeding mothers.

Where to find it?

  • The oleocalcary liniment is available in the majority of pharmacies and drugstores under different brands. Some supermarkets with a childcare department also sell, and you will also find on sites of online sales of parapharmacy products. On the other hand, think of deciphering the composition of the product because some brands add other ingredients to the basic preparation, such as essential oils or sweet almond oil.

How to prepare it yourself?

  • To make your own liniment, nothing more simple!
  • To obtain 500 ml of preparation, simply mix carefully 250 ml of cold pressed olive oil with 250 ml of water of lime. It is recommended to opt for an olive oil from organic farming. And voila ! This type of lotion "home" can be kept for several months in an opaque container. Some advise to add 10 g of beeswax, previously melted, so as to stabilize the mixture.