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Summer steps

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Every summer, millions of French people choose the road to go on vacation. This year, the Motorways of the South of France propose to liven up the rest areas by proposing playful workshops so that the breaks are real moments of relaxation.

  • Summer, for large departures on vacation, you are millions of families to use the highways to reach your place of vacation, by means of the highways areas to rest during long journeys.
  • This year, Southern Highways France decided to transform rest areas into real playgrounds focused on respect for the environment and biodiversity. This initiative allows children and parents to enjoy a real moment of relaxation. Each motorway area is specialized in one area: sports, cultural activities or workshops around the environment and security.

Place to nature

  • On certain rest areasyoung and old can observe birds, thanks to nesting boxes in trees, and insects, with a traveling exhibition. A sensory journey, dedicated to the Mediterranean forest and plants is also organized.

Learn to recycle

  • In other areas,priority is given to the environment and recycling. Workshops on the life cycle of waste and the importance of composting are offered. These games allow toddlers to understand the importance of sorting waste and the impact of these simple actions.

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