"Parents know that their children must learn to use digital tools"

Mediation and digital education manager, Isabelle Simon organizes digital workshops for children in Issy-les-Moulineaux, in a place completely dedicated to digital, the Cube. She accompanies children and parents in their learning.

What has changed for you in recent years in the digital world of children?

  • Before, parents were mainly interested in the Internet and saw only the dangers! In ten years, their practice has evolved a lot: they know that their children must learn to master digital tools. Those who have invested in a tablet are asking new questions: how to use it with their children? Which applications download? As for children aged 6-7, ten years ago, they came to discover digital here. Today, they come to seek a know-how!

What "digital" advice would you give to parents?

  • I would recommend that they first create a folder for each child on the family tablet to store the apps they like that are age-appropriate.
  • For the little ones, still in kindergarten, both start with a sturdy digital camera, like those of Vtech at 20 or 40 €, rather than a tablet for children. It's a good approach: they take pictures, we download them on the computer to see them together, we ask them what they wanted to show.

There are many apps, how to make the right choices?

  • Specialized sites, such as, or, where many children's applications are presented that have been tested, will help them to know what may interest them. Reading in the Apple AppStore or the Google PlayStore reviews and ratings of other users also allows them to get an idea.
  • Me, I work a lot at the aesthetic blow of heart. French publishers are very creative and beautiful graphics often bode well. As far as digital books are concerned, the Montreuil Book Fair and Youth Press selections are very reliable.

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