Your child 3-5 years

The board games, what assets!

The board games, what assets!

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Your child is at the ideal age to start learning to memorize, observe, plan, count ... in short, only concentration. Useful for school learning, for example! With board games, he will learn a lot and develop his gray matter, but not only ...

  • Your apprentice player starts by taking out all the material, cards, dice, pawns, game board ... to examine it from all angles, to manipulate it. Then comes a second time where he will be interested in the rules and the way of playing. Here's all this type of game can bring him.

To manipulate is to play well

  • Board games do not only mobilize gray matter. First of all, your child will play to handle. They are a way to exercise fine motor skills. To throw the dice without rolling them under the table, to hold all his cards in a fan in one hand, to move a little pawn between his fingers, all this requires a certain skill.

Board games help concentration

  • First, he there are the rules, which must be understood, memorized and applied. What to heat the brains!
  • By playing small horses, your child is also rubbing the count since he must advance his pawn of the number obtained to the dice. And even simple additions since there are two dice to be summed. While playing, he learns to count.
  • At the Mémory, this is the visual memory which is widely solicited. An asset for the future learning of reading.
  • The common point of these games: they teach concentration. Again, it will be very useful on the benches of primary school!

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