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Cadets are rebellious and open to novelty

Cadets are rebellious and open to novelty

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Cadets are rebellious and open to novelty

What the pediatrician says

The second child arrives in a family unit where everyone's positions are already well established. To succeed to exist in this system sometimes a little locked, it street in the stretchers! From this combative childhood, he will keep a tendency to rebellion.
They are often cadets who have defied the established values ​​of their time, such as Darwin and Voltaire for example. It is from their ranks that came the adventurous explorers, the great scientific discoverers.

What does the shrinkman say?

Many cadets are very conformist! As long as the elder sends his parents and their expectations - which is not uncommon - and the second rushes into the breach to take over the family torch and play the perfect child.